photo of Danika Flett Thomas standing next to one of her paintings at an exhibition. The photo is cropped at Danika's waist. Danika is wearing a light blue patterned dress.

Hi there, I'm Danika, an abstract artist living in Canberra, Australia (but I'll always be a West Australian at heart)!
I'm completely obsessed with colour, and making bright, happy paintings is my favourite thing to do ♥️
Everyone's lives are a bit chaotic in their own way -for me, I am neurodiverse, anxious, dabble with depression from time to time, and have a little collection of incredibly inconvenient chronic illnesses.
When I am creating, the noise and pain disappears. It's just me, my art supplies, music that matches my mood, and sometimes a wee studio-creature or two. Bliss! It seems selfish to keep such a magical feeling to myself, so I try to capture the feelings of joy, calm, and happiness in my work 🖤 I love the thought of my work on someone's wall, brightening not just their room, but their mood!
When I'm not painting, I'm usually hanging out with my amazing wife, my old-lady cat, and my maniac puppy/kangaroo, Frida. I also have a sensible job, but I can't imagine anyone's interested in that.
I decided to make the leap from hobby painter to putting my work out into the world in early 2022. Since then, I've been lucky enough to have my work exhibited in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and London. Most recently, my work has been selected as a finalist in art competitions run by the Space Gallery in Geelong, Ink Gin in Northern NSW, and Aspire Gallery in Brisbane.
My dream is to make art my full-time career, and I'd love it if you'd hang out with me as I work towards making that a reality!

Let's talk about beautiful things!